Boise Networking Group

We are a group of business professionals dedicated to bringing the best in products, services, and value to companies and individuals within the great Boise Metropolitan community and the State of Idaho.

Elevate your business.

Attending a BLING networking meeting is by invitation only from a current member. Please use the “Contact Us” link and we will contact you to introduce ourselves and schedule you to attend a luncheon. A prospective business member cannot be in conflict with an existing member, so please see our Business Directory for a list of existing BLING companies and their offerings before applying.


Meet once a week with business professionals at our noon luncheon to connect and learn about their businesses.


Generate ideas. Offer feedback. This is the place to work on the details that will make your business stand out in the business community.


Share your business in a 10-minute presentation to sharpen your message and provide members info on your business. Share referrals with other members and gain a network of resources for your clients.

The goal of the Boise Leaders Networking Group is to promote a forum in which industry professionals network to develop business relationships, enhance self-promotion, and generate referrals to increase business and revenue.

BLING is comprised of non-competitive businesses from a wide range of product and service industries.

BLING is selective in its membership to assure these businesses meet our own high standards, and therefore yours.