Frequently Asked Questions

Most questions regarding membership and the general rules and regulations of the Boise Leaders Networking Group can be answered within our Member Guide. Common questions are listed below.

Membership dues are $150 per quarter. Prorated payment for a quarter for new members will be administered by the Financial Officer.

New members incur a one-time $25 application fee when their application is submitted for consideration.

A late fee of $25 will be assessed for any quarter dues not paid within the first 30 days of a quarter start.

Insufficient fund checks will be assessed a $25 fee

Yes. However, any leads generated through BLNG are not to be distributed to any outside party or other leads group.

A. General Lead

Defined as providing pertinent non-published business information relevant to the scope of the membership…i.e. “ABC Company is moving their office to Nampa and need several different services.” A relevant lead should include the business name, contact name, and contact phone number or email address.

B. Referral Lead

Defined as giving a specific member of the group a business name, contact name, position and telephone number and an indication if the referring member’s name may be used…i.e. “Joe, I know that Mike, the owner of ABC Company at 555-5555, needs a shredding service and make sure you mention my name.”

C. Direct Lead

Defined as conducting business with another member of the group…i.e. “Lisa, will you please help me purchase a duplex to use as a rental – thanks, Mark.” Direct leads should be for a significant amount of business conducted with another member.

D. What a lead is NOT

1. Pre-published/media reported information;

2. Referral information without a contact name and telephone number;

3. Non-business related information;

4. Employment offers – unless the lead is provided directly to an employment agency group member.

5. Customer service that does not generate new revenue.

No. While we encourage members to use each other's services, we realize that business professionals may have a number of contacts within a particular industry. It's up to the individual to choose which vendor is best suited to help them at that time.